I figure that a good way to introduce myself to the blogging world is to write out my statement of faith.

I am not going to list out the typical set of doctrines that can be found on almost any church website or in the apostles creed, but rather I will make a list of all those things that I am wrestling with God right now or those things that I currently feel rather strongly about.

  1. The Love of God and the God of Love
    I believe this is the the starting point for everything. Jesus taught us and showed us a God of love. And he said: “If any one has seen me, they have seen my father.” and: “You search the Scriptures, because you think you will find eternal life in them. The Scriptures tell about me, but you refuse to come to me for life”. We need to interpret all of our reading of scripture and filter all our thinking and doctrines through the Love of God. The four gospels should be our main reading. The oral gospel stories would have been the main source of the Apostles teachings. So Paul and the Old Testament need to be filtered through the life and stories of Jesus.
  2. Aggressive Pacifism
    Jesus and his early followers were unquestionably pacifists. But they were not passive. They were fearless. Fearless to the point of death.
  3. Missional rather than Attractional
    If God is the Missio Dei, the missional God, and we are to be sent into the world with the message of reconciliation and cloaked in the Love of God, then we need to rethink our ideas and the traditions of the institution called ‘church’.
  4. The Atonement of Cure
    Jesus’ death on the cross was not a substitute for me so that the Judge could look the other way! The Judge was IN Christ reconciling the world to himself. God never had to hide himself or turn his back on anyone due to sin. Sin does not keep God from mankind; sin -and the resulting shame – keep mankind hiding from God and/ or feeling a separation from God.Jesus’ death was the cure for the disease of sin. This is a valid interpretation of the scriptures that allows for a God of Love. The wrath of God is not like our human emotion of anger, but is a cleansing fire.
  5. Post-Charismatic
    Need I say more?