Missional expression can grow out of the current church, but it is not limited the the current church. The missional agenda literally just requires that Jesus followers live missionally. People currently immersed in nonmissional religious church systems can begin to practice missional Christianity. Some are keeping their church membership or even their leadership roles while they are making the transition. Some do not choose that path. They are creating other ways of living their faith, some in missional communities and others in marketplace expression. Some serve as missionaries to the church as part of the wooing strategy of God. While those prophetic messengers are often viewed as threatening (to those who should be threatened), they are another sign of God’s grace in restoring his people to their rightful covenantal relationship with him and his intention to continue working through his church to prosecute his redemptive mission in the world.

McNeal, Reggie. Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the CHURCH. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2009. p. 38″

To those of you who have chosen the marketplace route – Blessings and peace. Do not let the institution discourage you. Keep doing what you have been called to do and pray for the rest of us.

To those in the institution: Please do not think that the fact that some may leave and pursue missional practices in a non institutional manner is an inditement against you. If anything it is against the broken system. As such, pray for them as the fore runners they are!