I have started reading the third book in the A New Kind of Christian Trilogy by Brian McLaren. This series follows the journey of Pastor Dan Poole in his quest to wrestle through the issues and questions that he once had pat answers for, but as he wades into the mire of post-modernity, he realizes that the answers that he once was so sure of, are no longer satisfying. This thing that is happening can be summed up in a quote from the third book, The Last Word and the Word After That:

“I think two opposite things are happening at once. Some people are opening up, moving beyond old ways of thinking, asking new questions. They are restless, and they have hope that there are new and better answers out there. At the same time, a lot of people are tightening up, entrenching, backing into old corners where they feel safe.”

In this last book, Dan is basically being tried for heresy by his board and in the process, he is asked to answer the following questions:

  1. Describe in detail your doctrine of hell.
  2. Briefly explain the gospel as you understand it.
  3. What is you doctrine of scripture?
  4. Where do you stand in relation to the “openness of God”.
  5. What school or stream of theology to you now feel most comfortable with?
  6. What is you view on the scope salvation?

I have decided to take on these questions and blog my answers in the coming days and weeks.