Time for some comments I have come across in my blog reading:

“If an American church has 10,000 members, and they would all tithe, what would most of those churches do? Build bigger buildings and hire more staff to do more programs. Let’s support the church, but let’s not buy whiskey for proven alcoholics.”
internet monk

“As an individual who ‘earns his check’ from the ‘local church’ I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching. I’m totally not sure where I will land on that, but as one who is a pastor and even elder in a church I wonder if we’ve crafted something to fit ourselves more than to fit what God has for His ekklesia. Part of my ‘job requirement’ is to teach a class that I’ve developed to help people get connected into our local church. In it I point out in scripture that we all are ministers and royal priests. It’s amazing to see the lights go on in people’s minds. What’s also amazing is that I have to teach a class and basically try to sell people on a Biblical truth like that. Why is that? Is it because of the almost 1700 year old tradition of paid clergy and the clergy/laity division that it has caused?”
Darin commiting on the monk

And from a master of grace answering the question: “that you believe that the god worshipped by Muslims is the same God that Christians worship.  Is this assumptions true?”

“how merciful is God in hearing the prayers and receiving the worship of people whose concepts are less than fully accurate? If God requires 100% accuracy, we’re all hopeless since we all fall short in our understanding of God.”
(read full answer to keep this quote in context)
Brian McLaren