I don’t know why the creation vs evolution debate has always fascinated me. Early in my faith walk, I studied creation theories and even have creation outlined in my bible. I went from hardcore 7 day creationist to the more liberal old earth creationist, to indifference, to evolutionary creationist. I am a creationist. Yes. But I am neither a young earth creationist nor a intelligent design creationist. In my mind, both these points of view has flaws. In the case of the first, its the overwhelming mountain of facts from multiple scientific fields of studies; in the second, its the ever shrinking god-of-the-gaps.

So, I spent my morning watching YouTube interviews. It started by reading the Internet Monk’s blog and comments,  Can someone tell me why a “Creation” Educator is giving this speech at a “Creation Museum?”. Then I followed the videos on that blog,  the ‘State of the nation address‘ by Ken Ham, president and founder of Answers in Genesis which runs the Creation Museum; and then the example of the creationist dialog with contemporary science in Dawkins’ interview with Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America (CWA).

Finally I cam across this video:

And as I watched it, I felt a relief from dogmatic and propaganda tension from my mornings venture. I am not unaware that many others may in fact feel the direct opposite.