I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. I am trully interested in going this way. Any takers?

I am thinking that it is definitely time to start one in my home town!

Beer isn’t the only thing on tap at the local pub. It may be an unorthodox place for a theology group, but pastors who’ve tried it say a little libation goes a long way in having honest-to-God discussions on faith…

A growing number of Christian groups from a variety of denominations are taking God to the bars, launching religious-themed pub nights dubbed “martini masses” or “theology on tap” in an effort to broaden their reach.

The trend, believed to have started in Britain, where pubs are an integral part of social life, has spread throughout the United States.

Over the past year, new theology pub groups have also cropped up across Canada, in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

On heaven and hell:

From the good bishop:

“Most of the passages in the New Testament which have been thought by the Church to refer to people going into eternal punishment after they die’ is not about Heaven and Hell at all. The great majority of them have to do with the way God acts within the world and history.”

NT Wright

Well, I am not sure what to say about this other than that this is possibly just a symptom of a Christianity that has more in common with the materialistic culture that it finds itself in, than it does with the biblical example:

“I probably shouldn’t be surprised anymore by stories about preachers making exorbitant salaries. But I was stunned by the news last week that Franklin Graham’s total compensation in 2008 was a mind-boggling $1.2 million. That amount of dough for a man working in God’s name seems, well, ungodly.”

“Another form of idolatry within religious communities turns spiritual gifts and ministry success into a counterfeit god,” Keller writes. “Even ministers who believe with the mind that ‘I am only saved by grace’ can come to feel in their heart their standing with God depends largely on how many lives they are changing.”

And hows your calendar? In today’s society, finding time to meet together for meaningful conversation or just to hang out getting to know someone is hard enough. Add to this multiple meetings and programs at the local ‘church’


Here’s a Facebook “conversation” from earlier today