Young evangelicals are recovering an old spiritual discipline – the pilgrimage. However, instead of going to Jerusalem these young Christians are going to conferences – Acts 29, The Gospel Coalition, Willow Creek, etc.
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I hold hope for the increased role of faith in society precisely because of the large numbers of youth giving equal weight to ‘what should be accomplished’ as ‘what should be believed.’ Deep and broad conversations are taking place outside of the oversight and control of many traditional denominational persuasions as multitudes are pressing to ask the right questions rather than endless ‘preaching to the choir’ regarding the answers that should be believed and then defended.

I think more than anything, this is why denominationalism is waning while new, vibrant and ‘outside-of-the-box’ fellowships are springing up everywhere. People are opting for higher levels of authenticity – even openly meeting in pubs to discuss the narrative of Jesus rather than going to church by day and then sneaking into the pubs by night!

Thankfully the days of ‘just don’t rock the boat’ are being replaced by an increasing number of people more concerned with intellectually engaging in alternate creative solutions to the world’s problems regardless of whether it’s unconventional or how it may appear to a more conservative constituency.
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