• Scot McKnight commenting on priesthood of all consumers.
  • A review of Greg Boyd’s newest book, The Myth of a Christian Religion: Losing Your Religion for the Beauty of a Revolution by Scot McKnight:

    “History teaches that the best way to destroy the Church is to give it political power”

  • From A Former Leader’s Journey

    When I finally walked out I realized that I had been put into a prison of my own imagination. God was not like this. I did not have to do all the stuff to keep my business safe or prospering. He did not promise me a business where nothing went wrong. He promised to be my God in the midst of my business – nothing more. And you know what? It is more than enough. It is wonderful.

  • Author/Speaker/Theologian Wolfgang Simson said it is important for Christians to “stop bringing people to church, and start bringing church to the people.”
  • “God has no use for Zombie Christians. Only submitted ones. Just sayin’. :)” by Jeff McQ