Dave Schmelzer asks, “What do you think? Is it possible for people outside of Christianity to be saved through Jesus?”

The Christianity of today is very different than the Way that the disciples followed. Jesus and his disciples were very much Jewish in their religious practice. They were of a different sect then the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes and Zeolots of the first century Jewish religion, but they were Jewish non-the-less.

Then along came Paul. Paul asked the same question that was posed by Dave above: “Is it possible for people outside of the Jewish religion to be saved through Jesus?” The answer? YES!

With the influx of Greek believers came the Greek form of Christianity that is our heritage in the west. Most of what we know as Christianity today is the result of theologians working out their ideas of God within a greco-roman worldview. Today’s theologies have more in common with Plato and Aristotle philosophies then they do with the ancient Hebraic worldview of Jesus and his disciples.

So either we are in the wrong, or salvation comes through faith in Jesus alone; regardless of worldview or religion: Hebrew, Greco-Roman Christianity, Muslim, Hindu, etc.

That said, however, I do think that faith in Jesus would change/ transform the worldview in which it is birthed, just as it transformed the early Jewish religion and just as it has transformed western philosophy. If there is no transformation – in the long run – than it would be fair to question the validity.