For some reason, this time of year is when we are all reflecting on the past year and anticipating the one to come.

However, rather than dissecting the past 12 months – in which my life and faith has been whipped around on a roller coaster ride that only came to rest a little over a month ago; rather than try and figure out where this new life will lead me in the coming months; I figured that I would take stalk of where I am today.

This list of core convictions is modified from the Anabaptist Network UK set of Core Convictions.

  1. Jesus is my example, teacher, friend, redeemer and Lord. He is the source of  my life, the central reference point for my faith and lifestyle.
  2. Jesus is the focal point of God’s revelation. I am committed to a Jesus-centred approach to the Bible, and to the community of faith as the primary context in which I read the Bible and discern and apply its implications for discipleship.
  3. I am committed to learning from the experience and perspectives of the whole body such as Anabaptists, Orthodox, Catholics, Emergents – especially those that rejected standard Christendom assumptions and pursue alternative ways of thinking and behaving.
  4. The frequent association of the church with status, wealth and force has been inappropriate for followers of Jesus and has damaged our witness. I am committed to exploring ways of being good news to the poor, powerless and persecuted; and of living out the good news as the poor, powerless and persecuted as required.
  5. Community is called to be the catalyst of discipleship as well as to be missional. I am committed to nurturing and developing any such expression of community as it crosses my path.
  6. In this individualist and consumerist culture and in a world where economic injustice is rife, I am committed to finding ways of living simply, sharing generously and working for justice.
  7. Peace is at the heart of the gospel. As a follower of Jesus in a divided and violent world I am committed to non-violence and to learning how to make peace between individuals, within and among communities, in society and between nations, and with the natural world.

I believe in God. Daddy and Creator.
I believe in Jesus. Lord, and the ultimate revelation of God.
I believe in the Holy Spirit.

I believe in the continuing work of the Messiah;

in issuing in the Kingdom of God,
in bringing all creation into reconciliation,
in giving us the ministry of reconciliation.