Here’s the thing, I am going to attempt to start a routine.

Those who know me know that I am a podcast fiend. So here is my first post for my Sunday Morning Podcast series. In these posts, I will link to a podcast that I think is a must listen to.

So here you go: John Harrison and The Sermon I’ll Never Preach as heard on Losing My Religion hosted by Pastor Nar

[They will not always be this long – 1hr 16min. If you want, you could skip the introduction bit and go 16 minutes in to hear the main course which goes to 39:20. Following this message is a discussion between Pastor Nar and John Harrison on the implication of the message. So listen to the 23 1/2 minutes of the sermon at the very least. But the surrounding conversation is great too.]

Bonus: Here is a short bonus for our first post in this series. Its more lighthearted, from someone who could be labeled as being a modern mystical monk. “May God bless the hell out of you!”