I am currently listening to a podcast titled: Can we trust the doctrine of the Trinity? at the Unbelievable? podcast. I cut away from my listening in order to post this comment:

The doctrine of the trinity is complicated!

See, as I was listening, James White, the trinitarian, and Anthony Buzzard the Unitarian discuses what the bible has to say about this topic – exegeting  the same verses differently. James argued that the Jews would have understood what was said or written was meant to show the divinity of Jesus.

The problem I see is that for the first 300 years this doctrine was not definitive. There were many and varied views as to the exact nature of Jesus and his relationship to God his father. It was only when the church got in bed with the empire that orthodox was birthed. And this birth literally killed off the opposing views.
(Not that the other beliefs ever went completely away, after all, Jesus said “small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”   [Matthew 7:13-14].*)

Now I am not saying that I am non-trinitarian. What I am saying that I believe this view of orthodox trinitarianism has become an idol. I truly believe that there is much more to gain in a conversation of diverse and often paradoxical opinions and beliefs.

Only then can we begin to glimpse the infinitely complex being we call God.

And now, back to my podcast.

A little humorous something that show the complexity of the trinity doctrine.

* This wide gate/narrow gate/road has nothing to do with what we believe but rather how we live. Its as we treat people the same way we want to be treated and do the will of father. So in our discussions, as we listen and serve the other that we are walking the narrow path that leads to life; and as we ignore, put down and otherwise demean the 0ther, even if we are right in our belief, we are walking on the wide path leading to destruction.
Matthew 7:13,14, 21-23 are not salvation passages, they are life in the Kingdom passages. I can be ‘born-again’, ‘saved’ and ‘going to heaven’ and yet be walking on the wide path of destruction, not following the ‘way, truth and the life’.