As far as I am concerned, one of the greatest demonic threats to Christianity today is the prosperity gospel!

Any plain reading of the New Testament cannot but come-a-way with the understanding that money and possessions are at the very least a threat to our relationship with the creator. Jesus even said that it is impossible for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God!*

My point is that there are any number of currently held doctrines that are harmful (if not evil), and that when these issues are brought up, the come back is, “Sure there are problems, but you cannot through out the baby with the bath water. They are bringing truth that we need.”

Well, maybe. (or maybe not)

But as soon as some one gets labeled as liberal, these same people are all over throwing out the bathwater, the baby and the tub as well! Calling someone liberal is like marking them the the sign of the beast.

Liberals have a claim on truth too!

[to be continued]

* I have heard it taught that the camel through the eye of the needle is a visual of the gate called ‘needle’. When a camel came to this gate all loaded up, it would have to be unloaded, pass through the gate where it could then be re-packed. Likewise, the teaching goes, when we come to Jesus, we need to lay all our worldly possessions at the foot of the cross in total surrender, only then can we pick them back up in a godly way.
The problem is that this is just not true. There is absolutely NO evidence of such a gate, and if there was such a gate, why would the disciples first reaction be “who then can be saved?” No this type of foolish teaching seems popular among certain sects of the Christian faith because no one questions it. Everyone gets excited over these ‘deep teachings‘. I know. I use to love these types of information.
Today when I hear something like this I have to raise the questions. Like recently I heard that all the lambs that were slaughtered for the passover in the first century came from Bethlehem. This put more emphasis on Jesus as the lamb of God. Well, I’m sorry, but this has the sound of a teaching that is made up out of someone’s imagination; and no one questioned it, now it is thought to be true.
Even if it is true, I have to discard it as a biblical <urban> legend until it can be proven. These things are like those emails that everyone gets that are obviously hoaxes; and yet there will always be those that will click on the link and get sucked into a scam or get infected by a virus.