This is the conclusion of a series of posts that I have written about truth in Liberalism.

As you recall, this series started with a couple of incidences that triggered my train of thought on how certain Christian sects, specifically the conservative, charismatic, evangelicals, may renounce extreme doctrinal positions and yet cling to the ‘truth’ of these positions. I compared this attitude to the attitude these same people have towards anything that smells ‘Liberal’.

Being branded Liberal is equivalent to being totally wrong and possibly not even a Christian. For instance, there have been a number of blog posts and comment threads on Brian McLaren’s new book: A New Kind of Christianity. There is some civil talk but there is also quite a bit of lines being drawn and one of those lines is that Brian is just re-branding Liberal Christianity. To this claim I say, “This may be true to an extent, however if it is, it is to a ‘new kind of Liberalism’. There is a truth in liberalism that is being re-branded in a post-modern (over used word) manner. This is not bad.”

I believe one of the truths found in Christian Liberalism is Biblical Criticism: “The Bible is not considered a collection of factual statements but instead documents the human authors’ beliefs and feelings about God at the time of its writing—within a historic/cultural context by applying the same modern hermeneutics used to understand any ancient writings.” If the bible is what some say it is, then it should be able to stand under this type of critique. The rest of the posts (here, here and here) where showing where there is real errors and contradictions in the scriptures that I believe the conservative position does not do justice to.

So my question is: Why is Liberalism/ Progressivism considered so poisonous? Why don’t conservatives allow that Liberals have a truth that is worth listening to and moving towards?

I do realize that I am characterizing the conservative view. I do realize/ hope that most conservatives are more moderate, even if the most vocal position that I hear is not so. I consider myself more conservative than liberal and  I am speaking up against this. Or maybe I have become a liberal, but if this is the case, I recognize that there is truth in conservativism. I hope that in reality I am a seeker of TRUTH and will go where ever the TRUTH leads.