Recently I posted the video ” ‘Sunday’s Coming’ Movie Trailer”.

I did find it funny, but in a “revealing the sin of consumerist Sunday” kinda way.

As Bill Kinnon put up a post where he says he sees where some think it is funny, but for him, not so much:

I don’t find “Sunday’s Coming” remotely funny.
Sadly, it simply tweaks the Consumer-Driven church from within.
It is NOT a satirical take on megachurch culture designed to elicit change.It’s an inside joke.
Please, feel free to grab your violins while the joke burns.

How sad it is when we are able to laugh at the madness without looking at the truth of that madness and making a change. It is easier to laugh at something then to change it. Thanks for a great post Bill.

Rather than comedy, the above video from Andy Stanley’s* North Point Church’s very well-equipped media department should really be seen as simply admitting the truth of something that won’t be changing anytime soon in that world.