God Is Not Emergent” – Tony Jones

I hope that in the next year, emergents and missionals, organics and liturgicals, conservatives and progressives, can stop writing each other off. If I have to stop calling it the ‘emerging’ conversation in order to help missional and neo-pietist folk feel more welcome at the table, I will. Because I think that’s what Jesus – the whole, living Christ – wants.

On Israel and the raid on the Flotilla:

But my ire today isn’t limited to this current humanitarian/political nightmare. What is really disappointing to me is the automatic support that many Christians give towards ANY actions that Israel takes. Do they equate Israel’s actions to God’s sanctioned will? If so, I’m thinking that is based on some really shoddy Bible study.
Captain’s Blog

A thought on heretics:

As I’ve said before, that stands to reason. As humanity evolves, our understanding of God does as well. Please hear me on that: God does not change, but our view of God does. Or it should. And again, that makes sense if we truly see transformation as a desirable bi-product of faith. Transformation is impossible without heretics; transformation is led by heretics.

It seems to me we’re in good company, as Jesus himself was the great heretic. He was the visible image of the invisible God who declared that existing religious dogma was no longer in force. And as a man, his contrary opinions eventually got him killed.
Waving or Drowning?

Finally, regarding the oil spill:

For too long, we evangelical Christians have maintained an uneasy ecological conscience. I include myself in this indictment.

We’ve had an inadequate view of human sin.
Russell Moore