95 theses

As I started putting together a list, I realized that many of the issues fell into categories. For instance, the first four points in my theses all relate to leadership and the relationship we are to have with one another and towards those God calls to have the role of leadership in our midst.

So the way I see this working is that I will post items that fit into a category then maybe do a little write-up to clarify and state my reasons for including them on the list. So here is the next two on the list:

3. Covering and accountability is un-scriptural and abusive.
4. Relationship and mutual submission is the scriptural path to a mutual accountability. Authority is given not taken. I can give you the authority to speak in to my life and I can take it away.

I will do a follow up post introducing my views on these issues in the near future. For now, please read this post that actually points to another post. At the time of my writing this the links to Steve Hill’s blog seem to be broken so I have not actually read any of his blog, though from the quotes in A Former Leader’s Journey’s post have definitely tweaked my interest.


Reformed and Always Reforming

How popular is the last half of this famous saying coming out of the age of reformation? Always Reforming! Many of the reformation denominations cling to the traditions of their elders. Traditions have their place, however, when they hinder the reforming attempts of a current generation they become traditions of Pharisees.

Luther did not mean to start a new movement, he meant to start conversation. What he did by nailing the 95 Theses on the doors of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany was not a unique action. Some say that the doors were regularly used to post news and events. The doors were used as a bulletin board.

So, in the spirit of the reformation and the call to always reform, I am starting a series: A New Theses for Reforming. My posts are some of the topics that I feel the church as a whole needs to be in conversation about.

So lets get started:

1. Kingdom leadership is walked out by those without authority. Persuasive leadership as opposed to authoritative leadership.
Luke 22:25,26; 1Peter 5:1-3

2. The Clergy/ Laity split in the kingdom must be dissolved. There was never meant to be offices set up within the body of Christ, just different roles. We are brothers and sisters. Titles are a thing of the past.
See #1; Matt 23:8-12; Hos 8:4; Ex20:19; 1 Sam 8:19

There we go. My first New Theses for Reforming post.