In the Christian family itself, … Western Christians plunge into the pagan celebration, spending thousands on themselves and their children. We spend enough on our lights to save thousands upon thousands of lives. But those lives are in the darkness of Advent’s waiting. Our “lights” are nothing more than an extension of that darkness. They have nothing to do with the true light that comes to the world.
The Mood of Advent: We All Need A Savior

Is our society is on the precipice of collapse? I heard that we spend in the 100’s of billions of dollars a year on Christmas. Tis the season to keep our economy afloat! If Christians would get on the Advent Conspiracy bandwagon en mass, it is quite likely that we would hear “Fallen, fallen is [the west] the great.” And “the merchants of the earth [would] weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their products any more – the lights and decorations, the gluttony of food and the extravagance of gifts.”
Revelation 18:2, 11

Don’t listen to the prophets, those decreeing justice for the poor and needy. Rather get out and spend so that the empire will remain. Long live Babylon!

Either that, or come out and separate yourself from that whore Babylon.

Are we going to serve the empire of the world [the western empire] the empire of religion [Christendom], or the empire of God? Its our call.