Perhaps we need to take a new approach towards Christmas; maybe we need to take Christ out of Christmas:

For the majority of people in [Canada] Christmas is a time for families to get together, exchange presents, eat good food, watch TV (, and argue).

But this is not Christmas. It is a secular Winter Festival. So here is my inclination – Let’s take the ‘Christ’ out of ‘Christmas’ and call it for what it is – Wintermas.

Like Robin says in his blog quoted above, I also have no problems with presents, food family and celebrations. I rather enjoy them actually. So maybe we need to somehow separate Christmas from Wintermas. Let our culture enjoy the festivities of the winter solstice and we believers can add to this our devotion to the birth of Christ.

Why do we try to enforce our beliefs on our culture in some legalistic manner? Is this not contrary to the gospel that has been handed down to us?

So to modify my favorite quote (see my tag-line):

We are not to force our faith on others, we need to live the advent and share in Wintermas!

Lets stop chanting the slogan “Keep Christ in Christmas” and lets start living Christ in Wintermas!


Oh, I have to update this blog with links to another great post on Christmas that I found through eugene cho.