Over the last few weeks, my posts have taken an anti-orthodox bent. It has occurred to me that some may read this and think that I think that it does not matter what we believe. This is far from the truth. What we believe about God is important, I believe, not because it will get us into heaven or damn us to eternal torment, but because we become like what we believe.

The question I have is, why is it that we are told to look at the statement of belief of those who handed down our modern faith, and ignore the atrocities that they were apart of. Many dogmatically cling to the teachings of Luther and ignore the violence towards his enemies that he was apart of; the fact that creedal orthodoxy gave birth to the killing of heretics is fruit that I can not ignore!

Even today we have segments of Christians who seem more intolerant towards people who they view to be outside God’s morality or outside their orthodoxy. These are the people who 100+ years ago would have no problem burning their heretical enemies at the stake. I dare say that if you were to make a list of the people who fit this description, you would be able to label them and fit them into a common segment of Christianity.

What is it in their beliefs that move them in this direction? What is the image of God that they are reflecting?

Jesus spoke to a crowd and told them that their attitudes and how they treated others was what determined whether they were of God [sheep] or were going to face a coming judgment [goats]. It had nothing to do with their religious practices or their correct beliefs, it had everything to do with how charitable they were to friends, neighbors and enemies. I believe that how well we do this, in the end, will be the result of our beliefs about God/ our image of God.

So I am against creedal orthodoxy not because of what the creeds may say, but because I have examined for myself he fruit that this system has wrought on our western history and have decided that this fruit is not from God. The us/them mentality that it produces is a poison that leads to death and destruction. The intolerance of differences of beliefs reflects a God who is intolerant of us.


I’ve been reading about the origins of our faiths creeds and I am finding it both fascinating and frightening.

What amazes me is that everything between the birth of Jesus and the death of Jesus could be wiped away from the gospel stories and it would not effect  creedal orthodoxy one little bit. Our creeds say nothing about how we ought to live or anything Jesus taught. And it’s a good thing too! If they did, how many of us could continue claiming to be orthodox?