I don’t know why the creation vs evolution debate has always fascinated me. Early in my faith walk, I studied creation theories and even have creation outlined in my bible. I went from hardcore 7 day creationist to the more liberal old earth creationist, to indifference, to evolutionary creationist. I am a creationist. Yes. But I am neither a young earth creationist nor a intelligent design creationist. In my mind, both these points of view has flaws. In the case of the first, its the overwhelming mountain of facts from multiple scientific fields of studies; in the second, its the ever shrinking god-of-the-gaps.

So, I spent my morning watching YouTube interviews. It started by reading the Internet Monk’s blog and comments,  Can someone tell me why a “Creation” Educator is giving this speech at a “Creation Museum?”. Then I followed the videos on that blog,  the ‘State of the nation address‘ by Ken Ham, president and founder of Answers in Genesis which runs the Creation Museum; and then the example of the creationist dialog with contemporary science in Dawkins’ interview with Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America (CWA).

Finally I cam across this video:

And as I watched it, I felt a relief from dogmatic and propaganda tension from my mornings venture. I am not unaware that many others may in fact feel the direct opposite.


Perhaps one of the greatest minds in science was born 200 years ago on February 12 1809. What Charles Darwin accomplished through simple observation and recorded as a naturalist has transformed many of the scientific fields through the years. There are other great minds, no doubt, and maybe some that will be proved as great or greater after time, but Darwin’s simple observations have not only withstood two hundred years of being rigorously tested in many different disciplines, it has been instrumental in leaps of knowledge: genetics, biology, bio-geography.

I have been reading Saving Darwin: How to Be a  Christian and Believe in Evolution, by Karl W Giberson, and I realized, again, the sad truth of how much of the Conservative Christians in North America are blinded by a simplistic faith. Their attitude is summed up in:

But Americans have never been eager or even willing to be led by intellectual elites. A simple commonsense argument by someone you trust is worth more than the pompous pronouncements of an entire university of condescending eggheads. America is a nation that loves cowboys, and cowboys don’t need experts telling them what to think.
(p 119)

It  is the sad truth. We have rejected scientific facts in a multitude of scientific disciplines that prove evolution. We have also rejected or twisted archeology, history and biblical critic simply because of our overly literal interpretation of the bible. We have rejected a massive wall of scientific facts, pushing them aside because they contradict teachings we cling to. We ignore and even make fun of global warming with a simple wave of a simple hand despite the overwhelming facts. Often we find ourselves opposing God and His command to us to be His agent in creation; to help care for it. We have not been faithful in this little thing, how will he be able to trust us to have dominion with His new heaven and new earth?

Its no wonder the masses are rejecting  this antiquated faith. We blame it on an attack of the enemy. I say, rather, that it is an attack from within our own ranks, our attack on intelligentsia. We honor people with simple minded faith more than we honor those that study and teach us the facts of God’s creation. There is nothing wrong with simple faith, as long as it is not simple mind but rather is grounded in truth that includes the truth that is revealed through our study of creation.

The thing is that there is no conflict between believing the gospel /following Christ with passion and believing in the facts as they are revealed in  natural reality, in God’s creation. God has revealed himself through the Hebrew and Christian scriptures and he has revealed himself through his creation. His ultimate revelation, though, is found in Joshua the promised one; Jesus the Christ.

I am an Evolutionary Creationist;
I am a conservationist;
I am a proponent for an intelligent and critical study of the biblical text and of our faith. One that is in harmony with the gospel, the context of the original writings and our current knowledge of the world around us;
I am a believer in/ follower of  the historical Jesus, the promised on of Israel.

Here is to hoping that the next two hundred years will bring a balance between a faith worth believing with both our minds and our hearts, and the natural knowledge that results from science.

Happy birthday Darwin!