I have been following a few different blog discussions and I came to realize once again the importance of online communities. I have mentioned this before:

A perfect reason to keep blogs like this going to try and provide an avenue for information and discussion in a denominational landscape where there are very few forums for people to interact. For some reason, engagement is shunned, almost as if it is too risky to get people talking freely about things.

People say to me that they would rather sit down for a face to face discussion, and though I would not mind that (please, come and talk with me) I think the laity would miss out. For the most part, in the past, we were only privy to one point of view. Its only natural that in any given congregation we would gather around us speakers that tickle our ears. Sure someone may be brought in that would challenge us and encourage us to expand our thinking, but truthfully this would only happen in a similar direction in which we are already tracking. Rare indeed would be the congregation that would get to hear an opposing view to  their theological frame of reference.

The globalization of ideas that we now have at our finger tips will only increase the gap between those that are hunkering down in the belief trenches of their perceived fundamentals and those that realize that there may only be two fundamentals:

  1. Jesus is Lord (whatever that means), and
  2. Jesus lived, died and rose again so that reconciliation between papa and all of creation is possible.

To be fair, many (read most) of  us who are navigating outside of our tribe’s bunkers have at least three more fundamentals, but we tend to hold onto our understandings with a loose grip.  Our interpretations of core doctrines tend not be as rigid as others, for example, what does inspiration of scriptures really mean? .

So, what are some of you beliefs that you think are fundamental to faith in Christ?