I have begun to think more and more about process theology. Not that I know what it is. I my search for understanding I came across a series of lectures in Jewish Process Theology by Rabbi Artson and found some treasures:

“A god of power exhorts obedience but cannot command love. A god who could spare the life of a dieing child but chose not to may inspire our fear and our calculated obedience, but does not desire our love.”

Taking this thought further:

“A god who created everything out of nothing could have chosen a very different world. So a world in which babies die in there cribs; A world in which people die of malaria in mid life and others are orphaned; If god could have made a different world and chose not to, then god is responsible for that evil. If god could have prevented the holocaust and chose not to – its very hard to imagine how you then call that god good. Western theologians would rather lose their moral compass than change their theology. So when told something like that they say, ‘Well god’s definition of good and evil is very different then our definition of good and evil.’ If a million babies being murdered isn’t evil by god’s definition, then I no longer can use the term evil in any capacity.

“So rather than holding on to this philosophical notion of god, process thought opens up a way to return to a more biblically and rabbinically understanding that to some degree,then, removes some of these problems.” (emphasis mine)

I find this line of processing god to be very good for my soul. I am looking forward to learning more.