This is a warning: it is inevitable that when you finally stand in your own freedom, you are going to become the bad guy. You are the one who’s going to be blamed for ruining everything. So buckle up!

I have been hearing over and over that people realize there are great problems and issues that need to be dealt with in our current manifestation of Christendom. The problem is that we (and I do include myself) tend to wait on God or others to do something about it. I have heard, and voiced, criticisms of how Western Christendom in general, different denominations or flavours of said religion in particular, and even local congregations or city churches have failed or are failing. This point of view has come across in a number of conversations I have had with others over the last few months, through listening to podcasts, and in reading blogs.

Now, it is easier for me to complain that “if the pastors and elders are not motivated or can’t seem to motivate a change in the course of this ocean-liner called the local congregation/ or a given denomination, how am I expected to have any effect?” This allows me to just sit back and look at – and complain about – the issues that I see. And this blog, facebook and other venues have been my media of choice in voicing my critiques.

People have been telling me that these New Medias are inferior to face-to-face dialogue. Though I see their point, these media are no different than the  publishing of books, which is acceptable to almost every one. The big difference is that with these new media outlets, the people can have a voice, not just big name authors. So, though I do not apologize for voicing my critiques, I do apologize for not taking action, and for any hint that I think my opinions are better or more right than those who hold other ones. I have a passion for Christ’s Body and am tremendously excited to be living in a time of great change within our culture and thus the Faith. This passion and excitement may come across sounding stronger then is meant. And this is were media in general is lacking. However, in order to bring the conversation to the masses/laity, sometimes the nuances of personal communication needs to be scarified.

The time has come for me to take responsibility for the burden God has laid on my heart. Though I do not know how this will manifest, now is the time. As I start this new journey, I realize that what lays directly ahead is a wilderness, and this excites me. For the scriptures show that God seems more near us as we step out into the wildernesses of life. In the exodus out of Egypt, God was ever present with his people as a column of smoke by day and a column of fire by night. He also directly supplied their every need.

This post started as a quick comment on the video below. In  my opinion, this is one of the greatest defects of the church in the west.

Out of Ur

We need to stop talking and complaining about the problems we see, and start doing something about them. Every little step counts!